App Design


B-Listed Media, inc. (c/o Joy Southers)



Project Overview

We helped design a mobile and web application for B-Listed Media, inc. Our job was to help manifest the vision of the founder while synthesizing research and balancing design thinking strategies within a fixed timeline.


Learn the product concept of the founder and create a usable, useful design collaboratively with users and the team.

Our Role/Responsibilities

Product Architecture
UX/UI Design
Design System Foundations
User Testing

Research & Planning

Competitive Analysis and User Interviews

In Joy's words (the founder)- "the app should allow distributors to search and screen films just as easily as they would with Netflix or Hulu". Early user interviews validated this assumption and paved the way for executing in this direction. The first research we conducted was a visual study of B-Listed's competitors to identify trends on how layout, typography and color are leveraged to create a consistent content streaming experience.

Creating a Compelling Solution

Before we start designing hi-fidelity mockups we always make sure we can demonstrate that we are solving for the problems we identified. We drafted rapid prototypes to collect valuable feedback from real users in order to prove that our solution worked for them. After several rounds of feedback we ended up with a design that made a strong positive impact on the business and its users.

Visual Design and Implementation

Joy came to us with an aesthetic that was already moving in a very inspiring direction. She wanted to capture the nostalgia and neon of 80s cinema, while making the product feel like it came from the future. We reinforced this with a complementary product color palette, surfaces, and layouts that spark wonder, while remaining familiar.

Working with a 3rd party builder, we were able to smoothly hand-off the designs to the development team and help make sure that the designs were built to the specifications and documentation that we outlined. Whenever we work on a project of this scope (an entire application), no matter the size of the team, the only way to ensure the intended product gets shipped to customers is to be a part of the testing and implementation process.


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